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Buying Guide

With over 200 different Teddy bears and animals to choose from, we understand that finding the right Teddy can sometimes seem overwhelming. That's why we've created this buying guide that'll hopefully help you on your way to selecting the perfect Teddy for you or your loved to give a new home to.

The Big Questions

Steiff or Charlie bears?

When browsing our site, all the Teddy bears and animals you see come from two manufacturers; Steiff and Charlie Bears.

Steiff are widely regarded as the most famous and prestigious Teddy bear manufacturer in the world. Credited as designing the first Teddy bears in 1903, they have gone on to create luxurious traditional bears and animals made from premium materials such as alpaca wool, mohair and woven fur. Many products in the Steiff range are limited editions which can accrue in value over time and Steiff dominate the list of most expensive Teddy bears ever to be sold at auction.

More recently, Steiff have expanded their range to include more affordable cosy soft products suitable for babies and infants. Nevertheless, these bears still come with the trademark 'button in ear' so you know you are purchasing a genuine Steiff.

To read our full biography on Margarete Steiff, and for more information on what makes Steiff bears so special, click here.

Charlie bears are a much more youthful proposition, having been founded by keen bear enthusiasts in Cornwall in late 2005. Since then they have grown to become known worldwide with a large range that has been designed by artisans in both Cornwall and further afield.

Many Charlie bears can be recognised by their super fluffy fur and oversized limbs however like Steiff, the selection available is wide to include baby safe bears and animals.

While not as prestigious as Steiff, this means prices reflect that with the current range starting from just £20 to under £80 for Dallinger, our most exclusive Charlie bear who stands at an impressive 55cm tall.

Which are which?

There are many ways to tell our Steiff and Charlie bears apart - the classic way is to see if there is a tell-tale 'button in ear' to signify Steiff. However to make it a bit easier we've added some symbols and filters:

Steiff Original Collection Steiff Original Collection
One of the many wonderful bears and animals from the wide, unlimited Steiff assortment.
Steiff Limited Edition Steiff Limited Edition
Just a few are made worldwide for a short time only and each one comes with its own edition number and certificate of authenticity.
Steiff Replica Steiff Replica
These extraordinary bears and animals are particularly rare and are reproduced exactly according to their historic role models.
Steiff Selection Steiff Selection
A range of limited Steiff bears and animals made using different materials to traditional limited editions.
Charlie Bears Charlie Bears
Wonderfully soft and utterly huggable, Charlie Bears represent fantastic value for money.
Charlie Bearhouse Bears Charlie Bearhouse Bears
Expertly designed non-jointed seated bears, they'll look good on any bed, seat or in the arms of a child.
Charlie Baby Boutique Charlie Baby Boutique
Silky soft to the touch, perfect for babies and infants to snuggle up to, keep warm, dribble on and stay safe.


Classification Filter If you're struggling to see the wood for the trees you can select one or more classifications to display, when on any category page. Specfication Table Finally, the specification table which appears on every product page displays the classification of the bear or animal in question, along with a whole host of other statistics.


Jointed or Cosy?

A decision you will make when considering a bear is would you like a traditionally jointed bear or a cosy soft bear?

Just like on us humans, a jointed Teddy can move his arms up and down, legs forwards and backwards and head left and right.
Cosy Teddies are soft and squidgy allowing for great cuddles! Their limbs can normally be twisted and bent into all sorts of positions but fortunately they spring back into place when they've finished playtime.

Jointed Teddies are for the most part more traditional as they can often be based on the first Teddies made which were usually jointed.

When a Teddy is jointed, it may be described as below:

  • One Way Jointed - Head moves left and right.
  • Four Way Jointed - Arms and legs move but head does not.
  • Five Way Jointed - Head, arms and legs all move.

As a general rule, jointed bears are best for collectors whereas cosy bears are most suited for babies and children.


I have a price in mind

Simply click here to view all products (or click 'All Products' in the top left of the website no matter where you are). Once there, look for the Shopping Options on the left hand side and cast your gaze down until you can see the Price slider. Move the left and right handles until you find a range you're happy with and the relevent bears will be loaded. You can then filter further in the Shopping Options by selecting one or more Classifications amongst other attributes.

I am buying for a baby/child

Great! We have a section just for babies and infants. Look at the navigation bar at the top of the page and in the middle you should see Baby & Infant bears. These bears are safe for newborns to cuddle, dribble and chew on. If you are buying for a child then consider filtering your Shopping Options by clicking 'No' to 'Jointed' when in the All Products category.

I am buying for a special occasion (e.g. birth, Christening, birthday, Christmas, etc.)

 We have a range of beautiful Steiff bears which can be personalised with hand-stitched embroidery of a name or date in time. Simply type the word personalised into our search bar and these bears will be displayed.

Another ever-popular bear for special occasions is our Steiff Year Bear which has the current year embroidered onto his foot. Enter the year into the search bar and he will appear.

I would like to start/add to a collection

We have just the place for you! Our Limited Edition Bears section contains the Limited, Replica and Selection ranges from Steiff. These premium bears have been made in very small numbers and as such can be seen as an investment in the years to come..

I would like a specific bear

Easy peasy! Just type the name of the bear into our search bar and see what pops up. If you're struggling to find him or her, try the EAN (for Steiff) or MPN (for Charlie Bears). Still no luck? Give us a ring on 01536 263 455 and we'll do our best to help you.

Remember, we currently only sell brand new Steiff and Charlie Bears.

A word on...


We understand when shopping online it can be hard to visualise the product in your hands; the pictures on our website may all be the same size but we can assure you our bears come in all different shapes and sizes. It is important therefore to study the specification table (which appears below the 'Add to Basket' button on any product page) when thinking about purchasing one of our bears. Here we will display the size of the bear in in centimeters. This value will be the height of the bear or animal standing up, unless it is an animal designed to sit/lie therefore the measurement will be the length. Most of our bears are no bigger than 50 or 60cm (with a few BIG exceptions) so the use of a 30cm ruler should help you visualise the product.

We strive to give you the best possible representation of our bears and animals which is why we are beginning to roll out product videos. Look out for these as you browse around our site or view our YouTube channel here.

Special Features

 We have a small selection of bears with very traditional features. Squeakers and growlers have been used in the manufacturing of bears for over 100 years. Likewise, music boxes give a bear or animal that antique charm that cannot always be conveyed by looks alone. Musical bears carry this symbol - while squeakers and growlers are indicated by this speech bubble - . You can also filter to only show musical bears or squeakers and growlers by using the Shopping Options function on any category page.


Are you still at a loss on what to choose? Well then why not follow in the footsteps of those before you and check out our Bestsellers page. A surefire way to bring a smile to any child or adult alike.


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